Tuesday, March 11, 2014

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March MaDneSS Show

 Cuz' I know you've had enough winter...please stop by & we'll celebrate some "March MaDneSS"!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

i LoVe my customers!!

My dear customers give me some of the greatest ideas...am so lucky!! First to get to hear their memories, then to be a part of their lives...and the icing on the cake??? I get to create for them!!
{ I would do it for free if I didn't have to pay my electric bill!  ..ReaLLY??!!}

These dear customers {and now friends} wanted me to do a painting of all the houses they had lived in...I jes' so happened to have a 7"x 27" frame in my inventory which I thought would work great...they brought me their family photos & ..let the brainstorming/creating BEGIN!! I wrote down some details ...and they emailed me some other thoughts ..I did a rough sketch for them...to make sure we were on the same page ...and....here's what WE came up with....so fun!! Am truly honored ......
Their 1st house with a 6 month old daughter in a baby buggie and young son who loved to ride on his big wheel...such fun...

2nd House..ah look another son ...playing baseball in the front yard

The Original watercolor framed of all the houses 
3rd house kids a lil' older...playing soccer & their daughter heading off to swim practice...this is one of my favorites...lotsa' detail with flowers & their favorite Crepe Myrtle 

4th House where they are now retired and enjoying four fantastic grandchildren...OH??!! and a 5th on the way...thus the stork :)
They wanted prints of the original so we had  a set printed for each of their kids

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Spring!!

Am having a FabULoUS time enjoying the arrival of SpRinG in my woods...and capturing it with my new camera I got at Christmas.....Have always been fascinated by the unfurling of ferns in my woods & gardens...so sculptural?? anyways....This saying is inspiring my life & art!! :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hey Pumpkin!!

Found this BIG guy at a local fruit stand...fell in love...
Had an absolutely WONdeRFuL Summer...how bout you....will post more later....
wanted to make you laugh with my silliness and get you in the mood for FaLL...pumpkins, pumpkins, witches,playin' in the  leaves

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter walk....

Me & my FunnY BunnYs.......OH!!?? What a beautiful day for a walk!! This year I am so LoVin' the Spring greens....and Red Bud lavendar/fushia color....
Do you just LoVe the color of Red Bud trees???
A shy lil' Spring visitor..."Trout Lily" a wildflower I hope to see every Spring...they are so short lived...I was just reading the Iroquois Indians ate  the leaves to prevent conception...isn't that amazing?? The leaves are what give its name ...mottled like a trout...they grow in colonies ...there are colonies scattered thru' out the woods by the creek....
We begin the Easter walk...view down my road...Finnegan's our leader!! :)
Nature truly inspires me!

I do so LoVe Fairies...I even designed this for one of my birth certificates...I must paint some with trout lilies??

Closer view....I think the fairies tie vines to the flowers and ring them ...to call their children home...and maybe their turtles and toads?? :)
a future bobbi becker painting...hmmmm ...what shall I paint in the creek or on the rocks???

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

bobbi becker/Quote Queen NEW frames

Had a VERY inspiring day in the workshop today! Recently have added my hand sponged frames to my line & today I was looking at them & decided to add quotes to the frames...I adore hand lettering and quotes!! My son calls me the Quote Queen!
           "Good Clean FuN"  5x7 a friend of mine  said this quote recently & I LoVe it with this print ...playing in the mud is ALwaYS better shared!! :)...{Sorry bout the yellow glare on the pic}
"Fairy Boy on Toad" 5x7...since I live in the woods am very inspired by my "woodland" visitors...yes, I Love toads also :)...this quote I made up as I was designing these...was thinking bout my sons who LoVe playing in my woods...
My New Quote Queen frames....sponged lt. green or dove gray on white and then I hand letter the quote...
"Blowin' Dandelions" 5x7 this print was inspired by my youngest son out in my garden blowing dandelions when he was small...now he is graduating from college...sweet memory!! {sorry bout the glare on the pic}

"Fairy Girl on Turtle" 5x7 wouldn't it be nice to take a ride on a turtle? I have them in my woods and love them!! :)
"Catchin' Fireflies" 5x7 one of my FaVoRiTe childhood memories...truly a "jar of delight" ~full of lighting bugs!!
"Fairy Kissing Turtle " 5x7 I think I mighta' mentioned I LoVe turtles...this is another FaVoRiTe saying