Saturday, March 7, 2015

bobbi becker SpRinG Show

Grab your girlfriends & get outta' the house!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Save the Date!! Spring Show at the bobbi becker gallery

Save the Date!! I am working on NeW  paintings, prints & cards of of my favorite bunnies, flowers , butterflies, my hand painted Easter eggs, & friend, Beth Thomason will have her Olde Thyme Herb shoppe open also jes' 3 miles away....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Colonial Day in East Berlin, PA

Taa Daa I am at Colonial Day in my Colonial Day outfit
Stop by and say hi ...and see my latest originals, prints & cards....My booth is located close to the traffic light in East Berlin. Its the 40th annual show in historic East Berlin, Pa....great traditional crafts, food & music...9-4 pm

Monday, April 28, 2014

the abc's of bobbi becker

I have been adding new letters to my alphabet designs...and almost have it all done ...except for K which I wanna redo ...and T...oh  and idea was to design the letter with flowers & butterflies and birds that started with that letter but as it goes in my designing...sometimes I go off in a whole other idea...possibly from customers & friends here are some & the new display I did on my wall in my gallery...all my frames are handmade & I paint & decorate each one!!! Yesss I LOVE decorating the frames ...and doing a new softer, lighter...may I say more feminine  line of things inspire me{ and YES!! I do jump around the workshop some days when I do a new frame & a New painting & they go together in such magnificence :)
C is for chamomile, cupcakes and
 ...a friend said I shoulda' added more cats

one of my early initials...a customer had a daughter whooz' name started with M ..and she loved daisies & ladybugs..

this is one of my absolute favorites...because I love so many "L" things?? YES!!!  Luna Moths, Lilies of the Valley, Ladybugs dancing with lollipops.....too much fuuuun !!!
More to follow..........

So Whats NEW at bobbi becker's?????

I have had GRRReaT FuN painting flowers...I love doing my watercolors ...and NOW I LoVe painting with acrylics on these wee canvases.....did I tell you i love being an artist? :)


So Whats new in bobbi becker's woods???

I Love Spring...and like the rest of you... in the last couple weeks I've felt like I've crawled outta' wildflowers are blooming, walks by the creek are full of Spring surprises...and the sun ...aah the sun is warm...the breeze is warm...quite frankly I can't take enough photos -inspiration for paintings (I took 100 yesterday:) or paint fast enough...did i tell you I LOVE SpRING??? :)

 violets fill my lawn...if it were up to me I would not mow till they are done blooming...artists  sometimes think differently then most people :)

One of my Fern paintings
 from one of my photos of my ferns....

Ferns jes' emerging...I can't take enough photos of ferns!!
 I am obsessed with them...its a good thing as I have already started paintings of ferns in different positions
{this photo reminds me of my newly married son & his wife, sweet huh??} 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gallery Open

Gallery Hours
Fridays & Saturdays  10~2

or anytime by chance or appointment